360 Sphere Korea to Space 360, Spherical Projection Theater, Dome Projection

Space 360 – Spherical Projection Theater in Gwangju, South Korea

The Gwangju National Science Museum and Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd chose Front Pictures to deliver a projection system to South Korea’s first spherical projection theater – Space 360.
The sphere – which is 12 meters in diameter – is located next to Lucerium National Science Museum in Gwangju. Construction started in September 2016 and finished in July 2017. The sphere opened for visitors in September 2017.

Space 360 can be considered a true VR theater of the future. When visitors step inside, they find themselves on a transparent, glass observation bridge, which crosses the sphere’s interior. A crisp 360 video projection around, above, and below the viewers fully immerses them as they stand and watch. They literally dive into a virtual world without having to use VR headsets.

Space 360
Spherical Projection Theater
Dome Projection
July 2017

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Joanne Young