Bella Gaia

Approximate Running Time: 23 minutes
Produced by: Kenji Williams
Release Date: August 2009
Bella Gaia (Beautiful Earth) Successfully simulates space flight, is a ‘Living Atlas’ multimedia journey of our world, and expresses the deeply moving beauty of planet Earth as seen through the ey es of astronauts.Created by award winning director and classically trained violinist Kenji Williams, and in collaboration with NASA, Bella Gaia features live performances by Williams and world music a rtists against a large-screen backdrop of orbiting visualizations of Earth from space. Inspired by astronauts who spoke of the life changing power of seeing the Earth from space, award winning filmma ker and composer Kenji Williams created Bella Gaia to simulate this transformative effect called the “Overview Effect”. Working closely with NASA’s scientific visualization studio, the award wi nning Bella Gaia successfully simulates space flight, taking the audience on a spectacular journey around planet Earth. With gripping NASA scientific visualizations, guided by the hypnotic, ecstatic m usic of Kenji Williams, Bella Gaia showcases a thought-provoking stream of crucial scientific data regarding our imperiled eco-systems while also celebrating the amazing cultural heritage of humanity. A “Living Atlas” journey of our planet, Bella Gaia creates a direct experience and connection with the creative forces of Earth. Bella Gaia uses the media-rich languages of today to present audi ences compelling visualizations of scientific data, natural systems and humanity’s impact on nature in a way that taps audience’s emotional intelligence and facilitates deeper cognitive understand ing of today’s complex issues.