Nine Planets And Counting

Approximate Running Time: 33 minutes
Produced by: Sudekum Planetarium
Release Date: September 2009
How many planets are there? Nine? Eight? Ten? Twelve? Your audiences want to know, or they wouldn’t keep asking the same question every day! Planets are not just an i mportant part of the curriculum standards. Our neighbors in space fascinate people of all ages. We’ll take a look at every planet in detail, highlighting their similarities and differences. The program also looks at the big picture, grouping the planets as rocky, gassy and icy worlds, and shows that little Pluto isn’t alone but has hundred or even thousands of companions all beyond the or bit of Neptune. We examine why there’s even a debate over the definition of the word ‘planet’ today. The show is written to be open-ended about the definition of the word ‘planet’, and serves as an excellent springboard for discussion afterwards. You may find audience members have changed their minds by the end of the show! In the end, it all comes down to what we humans decide to n ame things.