Our Place In Space

Approximate Running Time: 32 minutes
Produced by: Sudekum Planetarium
Release Date: March 1993
To solve a crossword puzzle about the sky... Scarlett Macaw must discover the cause of day and night, the importance of our star the Sun, the beauty of the constellations, a nd the variety of objects that make up the Universe. Throughout her journey students help solve the puzzle by providing answers to the clues. Teachers have recommended this program because it ad dresses curriculum needs and presents content in an engaging, humorous way without being over-stimulating. Educators are also enthusiastic about the script’s multi-disciplinary approach: highlightin g vocabulary, including endangered animals, and traveling to exotic locations. The last segment of the show includes a thrilling trip through the solar system conveying the idea that there is much mor e to explore. The program does mention Pluto as the ninth planet, but this makes a great discussion point after the show. Ask students “How many planets are there?”, and “What happened to Pluto ?”