The Earth and Me

Approximate Running Time: 26 minutes
Produced by: Eugenides Foundation and
The Animonautes

Release Date: November 2011
The theory of chaos states that a butterfly flapping in Brazil can start a storm in Texas:

...if that's the case, what do you think would be the e ffect of more than 7 billion butterflies on the Earth?

The past few years we have come to realize that Human activity has a detrimental effect on the Earth’s systems (climate, ec osystems, biodiversity). Its impact can be seen not only on nature itself, but also in the food we eat, the drugs we use, even on our health. This show, without being alarmist, treats each of these co mplex topics by presenting scientific facts, in order for the audience to reflect on individual responsibility and action. We act as if our planet belongs only to us, probably without even realizing i t. Perhaps it is time to reconsider the way we live.