The Moon

Approximate running time: 20 minutes
Produced by: Audio Visual Imagineering
Release Date: May 2012
Interact with your audience using a Modular Planetarium Program.
Enrich discussion, live teaching, and interaction in the planetarium experiences you provide your audien ces! “The Moon” modular planetarium program incorporates live interactive planetarium teaching with a planetarium program that has been designed in a modular nature. This program has been produc ed to be used with modern fulldome technology or classic planetariums with a single flat screen projector/DVD set-up. It targets grades K through 2 and focuses on observations of the moon. The progra m comes with live interaction lessons that could be used in between the pre-recorded modules of the program or as stand-alone lessons. Further, additional related hands-on activities can be demonstrat ed and discussed to round out a complete learning experience on lunar observation by early elementary students.