Hello Earth

31 minutes
Heavens of Copernicus Planetarium,
Copernicus Science Centre, Warsaw

April 2017
Why do we long for contact with others so much? Does Internet really connect people? How can we tell other potential inhabitants of the Universe that we’re here? Seeking contact with others remains one of the earliest and strongest human needs. By trying to fulfill this need, we invented writing, radio, telephone and finally – the Internet. We overcame language barriers, problems related to di stance and information flow time. Thanks to modern technologies and communication devices, we developed our civilization – we are changing the world and ourselves. “Hello Earth” will take you on a journey through landmark moments of the history of communication: you will fly over the Tower of Babel, see the first pictograms – paintings in Lascaux Cave, pay a visit to Johannes Gutenberg, vi sit a surrealistic library, witness the first ever phone call, see the beginnings of the Internet and launch of the Voyager. You will immerse into Space and - who knows – maybe you will hear someone seeking contact with you?