Awesome Light

Approximate running time: 23 minutes

Three Episodes In the Series!

Open the doors of the world’s most famous observatories to your audiences. Produced over three years with exceptional access to the telescopes and in close cooperation with the principal investigators. Discover the latest stories from the cosmos in this unique planetarium series!
For general audiences. Features PI’s data and astronomical simulations rendered in DigitalSky 2 with stunning time-lapse footage from Maunakea.

Episode 1: Big Mirrors on the Mountain

Voyage into Subaru, Gemini, Keck, and Canada-France-Hawai‘i observatories to explore an exoplanet, supernova, stars orbiting at the center of the Milky Way, and the 1° galactic survey.
Approximate running time: 22 minutes

Episode 2: Seeing the Invisible

Witness the James Clerk Maxwell, the Submillimeter Array, Caltech Submillimeter, and Very Long Base Array observatories, to explore star-forming regions, Jupiter’s atmosphere, and stunning submillimeter views of M51 and M87.
Approximate running time: 23 minutes

Episode 3: Chasing Celestial Mysteries

Chase asteroids with NASA’s Infrared Telescope, use Britain’s UKIRT to discover hidden jewels in the Milky Way, watch supernovae with Hawai‘i’s 2.2 optical telescope, and share stories with the astronomers of tomorrow from the University of Hawai‘i.
Approximate running time: 22 minutes

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