Comets & Discovery

20 min. plus live activities

We’re all a buzz about comets. And true to Bays Mountain fashion, we’ve created a unique full-dome show about comets. It is called “Comets & Discovery.” It is not dated in any way and will be usable for years.

The show is much more than a straight narrative about comets. The show takes the viewer on a journey of discovery. We follow two intrepid comet hunters in first-person. One, a modern explorer. The other, Caroline Herschel. The famous 18th century comet huntress that ruled the skies for many generations. With both, we learn how they each searched the skies, made their discoveries, and reported them for other astronomers to bear out. We also learn about, depending on the century of the observer, what people thought comets were and their importance to them. We make education fun. We use proper educational techniques for enhanced retention all in a fascinating, storytelling format. For our production, we are using green-screen technology, 3-D environments, and good ol’ fashioned still art. Together with a captivating script and sumptuous score, this is a great show for the whole family or school group 2nd grade and above.

We are also incorporating two live sequences to enhance the learning and fun. The first will be an activity to involve and engage the audience to learn more about the parts of a comet, the path a comet takes, and the dust and ion tails that splay out in their correct directions as the comet orbits the sun. The second sequence will use a facility’s star projection system and focus on any upcoming comets to see in the sky and how to view them. To see images of the completed models and to download the fully illustrated instruction documents, please select the “Activity Documents” tab above.  Please note, there are a variety of comet-related activities one can do in their theater to enhance this show.  The show is also designed to not need the activity at all if one desires.

“Comets & Discovery” was produced by a group of very talented and experienced individuals here at Bays Mountain.  Bays Mountain Productions is one of the very few planetarium theaters in the world that creates their own complex, professional-level full-dome shows and makes them available for world-wide distribution.  Driven to forge excellence in the field, our main goal is to fulfill the needs of the planetarian.  Our shows are educationally-driven, but chock full of fun and amazing graphics and music.  Our pricing is also designed to be affordable since we understand the financial needs of the planetarian.  We think

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Joanne Young