28 min.

A truly immersive and breathtaking experience. This full-dome planetarium show was designed to illustrate the beauty and majesty of the natural outdoors, the night sky, the Solar System, and the universe. Combined with a wonderful soundtrack, it has brought forth the most amazing response from our audiences. All ages truly love this show. Excellent for 1st grade and above, but can easily be shown to K level.

Special Note: This program was designed to highlight many of our special capabilities in our theater.  We have a Zeiss ZKP star projector and Zeiss Spacegate running on Powerdome which also uses Uniview.  We have a fully programmable ECCS LED cove lighting system in addition.  Therefore, at this time, your facility would need to be able to provide a similar capability to give the show.  To run in your theater, you would need full-dome playback, the ability to program constellation lines, constellation outlines, text, project an optical star field, have multi-colored cove lighting and a license to use the AMNH database in a program akin to Uniview (this does not include the free database from AMNH for home/personal use).

As a special added feature, professionally-pressed CDs are available to sell in your gift shop of the outstanding soundtrack created and performed by Jason Dorfman.

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Joanne Young