Discover The Stars

23 min. plus live interactive presentation

On a clear, dark night, most of us, at one time or another, have gazed upon the stars and wondered about all those tiny points of light. Many of us are able to identify different patterns and constellations in the stars. But, what are those tiny points of light? This exciting program takes viewers beyond a simple observation of the night sky and delves into the fascinating lives of stars.

When we look up at the night sky, we can see that stars vary in brightness and have many different colors. The program reveals what is similar to all stars and what makes them unique. In “Discover the Stars,” we explore the many facets of a stars’ life. One of which is to venture deep into a giant molecular cloud to witness the birth of a new star. Stars also do not last forever. The program looks at the different ways that stars end their lives and the astronomical wonders that are left behind.

“Discover the Stars” will give viewers a deeper understanding and appreciation of the night sky. Great script, visuals and music (by internationally-known space-music artist Jonn Serrie) make this a wonderful show about stars for your public and school group audience.

The show is best for 4th grade and above.

This full-dome planetarium show has been produced in a number of ways permitting your facility to select the best format that fits your needs. The various versions are listed below:

1-Full-dome format that has a place to pause that allows a live presenter to lead an interactive presentation highlighting three key attributes of stars. Once playback restarts, the three key points are then displayed on the dome to allow the live presenter to review.

2-Full-dome format that plays the entire content without pausing and includes the narrator’s voice to present the three key attributes of stars.

3-Same as #1, but with no digital stars in certain sections to allow the use of your optical star projector.

4-Same as #2, but with no digital stars in certain sections to allow the use of your optical star projector.

“Discover the Stars” was produced by a group of very talented and experienced individuals here at Bays Mountain.  Bays Mountain Productions is one of the very few planetarium theaters in the world that creates their own complex, professional-level full-dome shows and makes them available for world-wide distribution.  Driven to forge excellence in the field, our main goal is to fulfill the needs of the planetarian.  Our shows are educationally-driven, but chock full of fun and amazing graphics and music.  Our pricing is also designed to be affordable since we understand the financial needs of the planetarian.  We think you’ll be quite pleased with our content.

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