Mars Update

Approximate Running Time: Available in both 50 and 15 minute versions

Keep up to date!

Sudekum Planetarium’s Mars Update lets you provide your audiences with the latest news from Mars.
The show begins with a fifteen-minute, self-contained chapter of how our views on Mars have changed over the years – from H.G. Wells and Percival Lowell to Spirit and Opportunity.

Although this introduction mentions Mars missions up to and including the recent Mars Exploration Rovers, we make no reference to their current status and give only a quick overview of what they have discovered. That’s on purpose – it’s up to you in the second (live) part to bring your audience up to date. The live part can include as much or as little detail as you want: from where to find Mars in the current night sky to the current status of the rovers, what they’ve discovered, and what other spacecraft have been, or will be doing on Mars.

To get you started with this second section, Sudekum Planetarium provides a fully annotated sample script and plenty of slides and video. Feel free to add, subtract, edit and make it your own show.

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Joanne Young