Ready Player One

46 Minutes

Remember your first visit to a video arcade? Your first home console experience? The first time you heard your favorite video game theme song? Well, get ready to insert some coins, grab some power pellets, and shoot some robot space invaders! “Ready Player One” is a celebration of our love of pixels, blips, and big red buttons set to music from, and inspired by, video games. “Would you like to play a game?”

(Ready Player One is not included in the SkyLase rental package. Please contact us if you are interested in including this show with the SkyLase rental.)


Daft PunkOverture (from Tron)
Fatboy SlimLove Island
Martin O’Donnell & Michael SalvatoriHalo 2 Theme
Emily OsmentAll the Way Up (from Rock Band)
KnowerOne Hope (from Beat Saber)
Dub FiendTetris Theme
Kristofer MaddiganA Quick Break (from Cuphead)
NerdOutFortnite Rap Battle (from Fortnite)
PerturbatorVengeance (from Hotline Miami)
Jonathan CoultonStill Alive (from Portal)
The ImmortalsMortal Kombat
Daft PunkThe Grid (from Tron)
TWRPPhantom Racer

931 S. Semoran Blvd.
Suite 204C
Winter Park, Florida 32792


Joanne Young