SkyLase FX

SkyLase Projectors are the only 360˚ x 180˚ solid-state laser projection system specifically designed for crisp and brilliant laser images to cover the entire planetarium dome.  Laser images can be used to augment your planetarium star projector.  With SkyLase your planetarium becomes an ever-changing universe of brilliantly colored astronomical imagery and animations.  SkyLase can also project exciting rock ‘n roll laser shows.

Additionally, our SkyLase projectors are the only laser projectors with a special variance granted by the FDA which allows for a 2 meter beam height exception and a 2.5 ft lateral distance for anyone sitting next to the projector.

SkyLase FX 

Our latest and greatest fulldome laser projector.

What makes this projector greater than any of our other fulldome laser projector? What makes this projector greater than any other laser projector on the market?

  1. SkyLase FX is the only laser projector that can playback laser shows produced in Pangolin Software for a variety of scanner speeds. With a simple switch, the operator can easily adjust the SkyLase to playback laser shows produced for 30K, 60K or 90K scanners.

  2. SkyLase FX can playback laser shows produced in “flat screen” formats. The great advantage of both this feature and the one stated above is SkyLase can playback any and all laser shows produced for a single projector in Pangolin software including all shows produced by AVI, AVI customers, LFI, Prismatic Magic, First Light and many more.

  3. SkyLase FX is the only laser projector with two special effect wheels containing 7 special effect filters on each wheel for a total of 14 effects. The effects include various diffraction, lumia, fuzz, and lenticular filters. The filters on each wheel can be overlapped creating even more complex visual effects.

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Joanne Young