Unique2 Hazer

Unique2 Hazer

The haze machine Unique2 is safe to use with other projectors in the planetarium theater.  It is equipped an internal Timer and a new Haze-Density Control System (HDCS). With this HDCS the haze can be distributed in the room quickly, creating the right atmosphere and excellently supporting the laser and other lighting effects.


  • Minimal warm up time of only 60 seconds
  • Minimal noise
  • Pump and fan adjustable separately in 99 steps, therefore variable output (from the finest mist to a thick haze, similar to fog)
  • Internal fan ensures quick and homogen distribution
  • DMX as standard, analog (0-10V) and stand-alone running
  • Control of the pump, fan and the adjusting of the DMX start address is achieved with buttons
  • Internal Timer
  • Haze-Density Control System
  • Minimal fluid consumption (2l canister guarantees up to 50 hours continuous output)
  • Made in Germany

931 S. Semoran Blvd.
Suite 204C
Winter Park, Florida 32792


Joanne Young