Legends of the Night Sky: Perseus & Andromeda

Running Time: 18 min

Perseus and Andromeda is 18 minutes of full-dome fun, while also teaching children and adults the Greek story about the stars.
Planetarians can use Legends as pre-shows to a traditional star ID show and lecture. By engaging the audience with a wonderful story filled with humorous and exciting characters, you are also engaging their desire to learn about astronomy.
People love Legends. Planetarians who have seen it say it is educational AND entertaining, for adults as well as children. You can be sure your audiences will love Legends as well!
Running time: 20 min

Praise from planetarians — directors and staff
“Legends is really a fine show and I am pleased to have a show that not only conveys educational content in an entertaining way, but also one that appeals to such a wide audience.”
“Very enjoyable and a well done production. Would work well with most school ages not just the young ones.”
“Perseus and Andromeda is a brilliant program. The use of humor is beautifully done, as is the tasteful approach.”
“The accuracy to the Ovid version of the myth was exceptional. It would make a cleaner story if Perseus were to ride Pegasus to the rescue of Andromeda, but it’s just not there in any classical version of the tale. You are to be lauded for not taking that particular Hollywood short cut.”
“The show was well done with outstanding graphics!”
“The characters are very creative and well drawn… they have real personality and appeal.”
“Well-executed and cleverly portrayed, I think Legends hit the mark with the right emphasis and characterization.”
“The production is well paced. It has lots of little details that mark the difference between an encyclopedic retelling of an old story and the making of a new classic.”
“It truly was excellent!”
“I really enjoyed this program. I think it was ‘modernized’ just enough for today’s younger viewers.”
“Legends was fun and funny,with great professional production values, and of a good length to add value and variety to a live star talk.”
“Everything works great. No adjustments are necessary. I have an air cooled laser-physics laser and ADAT playback. I plugged the tape in and it worked wonderfully. I showed it to a group of 1-5 graders two days ago and they really loved it! I will be billing it as a 2nd through 8th grade program. Good work.”
“I thought Legends was very good. An excellent program for an introduction to legends. Enough humor for the adults too.”
“Delighted with the clever images (clever for adults, not too scary for children except maybe the really little ones).”
“It’s a brilliant piece of work!”



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Joanne Young